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Welcome to GamesCampus, a completely Free-To-Play(F2P) online gaming community!!

From intense rounds of golf in Shot Online, to adventuring in the fantasy world of 9 Dragons; every day tens of thousands of players just like you are logging in from around the world to enjoy the online gaming experiences we have to offer at the GamesCampus web portal!

All our games are completely free to register, download, and play for life!
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STEP 2 - Find your Game!

GamesCampus games are completely free to download, install, and play for as long as you like!

To get started:

1. Register for a free GamesCampus account!

2. Download the game client of your choice. This will let you install and run the game on your computer!

3. Install the game. For help, visit the website of the game you would like to play to find Installation/Setup Guides with step by step instructions about how to get into the game. You can find them under the "GAME GUIDE" tab at the top of the game's website!

4. Start the game! Double click the icon on your desktop to start the game's launcher. After updating the game, click "START"!

5. Log into the game by using your GamesCampus account ID and password, and start playing!

For tips and advice about how to play, visit the game's website where you can find Beginner's Guides with gameplay instructions and Forums where you can meet other players and find the answers to any questions you might have about the game!

STEP 3 - Discover CC

Campus Credit is the currency of GamesCampus' in-game item malls, where players are able to try out and purchase premium items of convenience and character customization. We at GamesCampus understand the importance of making sure free games remain free, and players do not need to buy anything to stay on the same footing as those who choose to do so.

The in-game item malls grant players access to items from those that allow them to change their character's appearance with special costumes, to those that help you level faster if you don't have a lot of time to play and would like help keeping pace with your friends and Guildmates that do.

Campus Credits let users get the personalized options they would like for how they choose to play, while making certain to maintain a distinct game play balance focused on making sure our community as a whole enjoys their time spent at GamesCampus whether or not they choose to purchase items.

Keep an eye out for our frequent free CC and item giveaways, raffles, and more!